Hey Y’all! My name is Tammy Dahlquist and I am super excited to meet you! I have had the idea to start Red Door Mentoring for sometime now, but you know how it is, life gets busy and before you know it another year has past and you’re thinking “where did the time go?” But it’s finally time and I am so excited to start this new journey with you.

So what is this business that I am starting? That’s a great question! For the past 5 years I have been running my own successful small business as a High School Senior, Teen and Tween photographer in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I love what I do and I LOVE my clients. I am truly blessed with what I have been given and how my business has grown through the years. When I made the leap of faith 5 years ago to become a solo entrepreneur (crazy, right?) I was working as a corporate Program Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company. I worked in Store Development managing multi-million dollar projects with teams up to 200 people or more. When you work in project management on large projects, you become really good at communicating, influencing, and motivating people. Project managers are experts in just that- project management and they don’t have any direct reports, so they have to be good at motivating others to move project forwards. Project managers also use systems and methodologies on projects (am I boring you yet?) and are driven by results and facts (snoozefest). All of my background working in project management for 15 years is what served me the most when starting my photography business. Yes, photographers have to be great in photography, absolutely, but at the end of the day, we only spend about 5% of our time behind a camera. The other 95% is about managing and growing our business. Without those systems, without that foundation, my business wouldn’t have lasted a year. This is what Social Tea is about. To provide small business entrepreneurs with a foundation and give them proven systems and knowledge that they can implement in their business and create a lifestyle they love.

At Red Door Mentoring we offer differing levels of support, from on-line classes that you can do at your own pace to full, personalized business support and strategies. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  1. Small Business Starter Success Fundamentals
  2. Pricing Strategy Sessions
  3. Profitability Sessions
  4. Branding Basics and Critiques
  5. Personalized Branding Photo Sessions

Again, I am so excited about starting this new journey and look forward to helping you build your sweet business. I am growing, creating, and getting everything ready for you and can’t wait to share it all. Make sure you checkout my Instagram Page @reddoormentoring for all the latest and I look forward to chatting with you over a nice cup of tea (I drink lots of tea, btw) and seeing how I can best support you and your growing business!

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Have you ever had a peer in your industry tell you that you had to price your services a certain way? That if you didn’t do it their way you wouldn’t be successful? The truth is you have to find a sales process that fits your business goals and your lifestyle. Find the best one for you with our free download!

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