Okay, imagine this. You wake up one morning to a world that has completely changed your everyday life and isolated you from your family and friends. And then you remember, this is NOT a dream it’s your reality. No doubt that the world is crazy right now and we are all feeling like we have little to no control over our small businesses and goals we set out at the beginning of the year. But even with the “stay at home” orders in place, there ARE things you can do to set yourself up for success when businesses can reopen. Here are things you CAN do right now for your business during the pandemic.

  1. Stay engaged and consistent on social media: With social distancing and “stay at home” orders in place for most of us, being on-line is more important than ever before. So what is the one thing you can do to grow your business right now? Build virtual relationships. Stay on top of your social media posts and make sure you are posting content that is relatable to your virtual clients. This is NOT the time to be salesman-y and push promotions. This IS the time to be relatable, sensitive and inspirational. Clients buy from people that they like and trust, so now is the time to let your hair and down and be funny, vulnerable and inspirational to your virtual clients. Put yourself in their shoes and create posts that promote connection. ⁠
  2. Keep top of mind with your existing clients: There are more ways to connect with your clients than just through your computer and right now is a great opportunity to send little “surprise and delights” to let your clients know you’re thinking of them. ⁠Try writing them a handwritten letter or sending over a little “pandemic survival package” through the mail. Put some flowers on their doorstep or bake them a favorite, yummy treat. Do a drive-by visit and cheer them on from your car. “TP” their house and place some fun soaps or bath items with it. Personal connection is so important right now, so get creative and think up ways to stay connected with the clients you value most. ⁠
  3. Update your website with valuable and relatable resources: Online is where it’s at so if you aren’t online already, now is the time to start. If you are running your small business without a website it’s time to create one. Consider sharing some valuable tips and resources for your clients with an automated email capture to start building a client email list. If you already have a client email list, send them out a newsletter with great information that will entice them to learn more about your services. Communication and conversation is key during times like this, so get online and start adding value to your clients in new ways. ⁠
  4. Take the time to adjust your finances: I know, I know, no one likes to get out spreadsheets and do their finances, but with all the uncertainty right now it’s invaluable to keep watch on your bottom line. Make sure you know what income you need to generate to pay your bills and cut back your budget where you can. Research and take advantage of the programs that are in place through the CARES ACT and SBA (Small Businesses Administration) that are supporting small businesses during the COVID crisis. These programs are in place to support you, so take advantage of the help and support. Knowing where you stand financially can help you plan for the long haul, so take the time to empower yourself by crunching your numbers so you know exactly where you stand and have no surprises.
  5. Innovate new ways of generating income: Do you have expertise in your field that would be valuable? Consider selling on-line content such as courses, e-books or digital downloads. People are on-line more than ever right now and they are looking for things to learn or expand their own business. Creating valuable content to sell on-line could help fill in the time a bit and help you make some extra money. ⁠

Putting in the work now will payoff when restrictions lift and small businesses can start to reopen. We are all in this together and we will persevere and come out stronger on the other side.

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