10 Clothing Tips For Your Branding Photo Session

Have you ever thought about planning a branding photo session for yourself? As a small business owner, you truly ARE your brand and planning regular branding photo sessions to tell your story is key when planning future content, website images and ads. Today we are sharing our Top 10 clothing tips for your branding photo session so you will look picture perfect on the big day!

  1. Select outfits that incorporate your brand colors: You will no doubt be using your images for your website, ads and social media content, therefore picking out clothing that goes well with your brand colors and personality will tie all your content together seamlessly.
  2. Make sure you feel confident in the clothing you select: The most important tip I give my clients when planning their outfits is to make sure you LOVE what you are wearing in your photo session. The more you love the outfits you select, the more confidence you will show in your images.
  3. Stay away from bold prints or distracting colors: You want people to look at your images and see YOU and the amazing person you are, not a distracting color or bold pattern. Keep it simple with small prints and colors that enhance your eyes and skin tone.
  4. Pick clothing that is structured and gives you a shape: Your branding photo shoot is not the time to cover up with an oversized shirt or sweater. Pick outfits that have structure and accentuate your curves and enhance your figure.
  5. Pick pieces that are varied and allow for different posing options: The outfits you choose can dictate what poses can be photographed. Pants and jeans allow for sitting poses while skirts or dresses allow for standing or swaying poses. Adding layers such as cardigans or jackets can add texture and dimension to your outfits as well and allow for even more posing options.
  6. Pair your outfits with personal accessories: Accessories can take a simple outfit and make it spectacular. Jewelry, hats, scarves, cute boots- accessories really bring lots of personality to your images. Try pairing accessories that have meaning to you and tell a story. Your grandmother’s bracelet or those earrings your husband gave you for your 10 year anniversary. This will create connection in your images and give you content to tell your story.
  7. Think about your undergarments: This should go without saying, but it’s not uncommon for me to start with a client in a dark sweater then go to change and uh oh!- we didn’t bring a white or neutral bra. Make sure you are thinking about your total outfit when pulling your pieces together, including the undergarments you will need to complete your look.
  8. Plan for upcoming holidays, events or seasons: When planning for your branding session, think about the content you will need over the next 3-6 months and plan your outfits accordingly. Are the holidays coming up? Is fall on the horizon? Thinking about future events, holidays and seasons when picking out clothing can ensure you have lots of relevant content for the upcoming months.
  9. Set a budget and go shopping: I know, I know, you may not want to spend the money to find outfits for your photo session, but trust me, it’s worth it to get out and go shopping. You want to look your best and feel amazing and pulling from the outfits you wear everyday (yoga pants, anyone?) are not going to provide the uplift in confidence and style that you want to show in your photos. Take the time, set a budget and go pick out some fresh looks.
  10. Play up the props: Think about props when it comes to planning the outfits for your branding session. Are you a coffee drinker? Do you lift weights at your desk when you work? Incorporating props in your images tell your story and gives others a chance to know you. Think about what props you want to bring and make sure you have outfits that help you tell a story and express yourself.

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